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Torqway Hybrid is an innovative vehicle for physical exercise, which supports mature people in maintaining good condition and physical independence.

This is a new, more effective form of walking - Nordic riding.

Riding Torqway activates all muscle groups, doesn’t put strain on joints, and Torqway exercises are up to 20% more effective than taking a walk.

By 2050, the number of people over 60 in Europe and America will increase by almost 100% (source: WHO). Never before have there been so many older people in the history of mankind.

What is most important to them?

Health and independence. How to keep them? Caring for physical and mental condition. Torqway Hybrid is the response to the challenges of aging populations.

The heart of Torqway is its innovative drive mechanism, which allows for a change of the oscillatory motion of the levers to the rotational movement of the wheels without unnecessary energy loss. Because of this we optimally use the strength of our muscles to ride. Additional electric drive allows to adjust the level of effort to the user's preferences thanks to three driving modes.

Torqway supports active ageing philosophy. We promote an active lifestyle among mature people, because they will soon be the largest part of society. Prevention is the key to maintaining good health and serenity.

Torqway is the answer to this need.